Bali Ratu Aroma Balinese Massage

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Bali Ratu Aroma Balinese Massage

Bali Ratu Aroma Balinese Massage

( 1 Hour – USD 47 /  1 Hour 30″- USD 57  / 2 Hours – USD  70 )

(Flower footbath, Body steam, Traditional Balinese massage, Shower).

Inherited massage style from ancestor by using traditional technique will be provided. Starting with footbath, body steam to take out the toxic from your body, and traditional Balinese massage by using aromatic oil from top to toe will be applied in order to smooth your better blood circulation and finalized by shower.

Please choose body massage oil from the list bellows:

・Lavender           : For relaxing, insomnia and antiseptic

・Grapefruits          : For slimming and refresh skin

・Sandalwood         : For sensuality and skin regeneration

・Jasmine             : For deep relax, sexual balance and calming

・Rose                    : For aphrodisiac and romantic

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